Media Seating in Court


London Bridge Inquests


The Inquests will start on 7 May 2019 in Court room 1 at the Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey, London EC4M 7EH, before the Chief Coroner, HHJ Lucraft QC.

The Inquests for the 8 victims of the terror attack on London Bridge and in Borough Market  are expected to last for 10 weeks. Thereafter at the beginning of July, the Inquests into the deaths of the three attackers will be held in front of the Chief Coroner sitting with a Jury. These Inquests are expected to last approximately three weeks.


It is expected that media interest in the Inquests will be high. There will be 15 seats available in Court 1 and 30 in a media annex in Court 19.

Admission will not be by ticket, but admission will allocated to media organisations rather than individual journalists on a first come first served basis.

Media wishing to obtain an allocated seat should e-mail the Solicitors to the Inquests – and – by 12pm on Friday 26 April 2019 stating the name of the organisation and the number of seats being requested and whether they are in the Court 1 or the annex in Court 19. E-mails confirming whether or not seats have been allocated will be sent back to all applicants.

Physical tickets are not being produced. However, a member of the Inquests team/Central Criminal Court Security will check proof of identity before entry to Court 1 and Court 19 is allowed. Journalists will be expected to produce proof of identity on each day that they attend.

It is anticipated that Court 1 on Day 1 will be full. Press are therefore asked to respect the allocation of the 15 seats and not to sit anywhere else around Court 1. However, as the proceedings continue, it is anticipated that Court 1 may be less full. On those days, members of the press who have an allocation to Court 19 may be  able to attend Court 1 and sit in some seats at the back of Court 1 but a member of the Inquests team will confirm on a daily basis. Screens will be situated around Court to display evidence.

Proof of Press Identity – Important

In order to obtain allocated seating reporters must provide their valid UK or International Press Card or a letter on headed paper from their editor. Reporters who do not have this type of press ID will NOT be allowed into the courtroom or annex.

Equipment restrictions

  • Mobile phones and Blackberries – may be used within the court building but must be switched to silent in court
  • Tape recorders – must not be brought into the court building.
  • Cameras – must not be brought into the court building.
  • Laptops with web enabled devices may be used within the court building.

Witnesses with anonymity and special measures

There will be several days when different arrangements will apply to the press seating in Court 1 and 19 because of special measures applying to particular witnesses. This will be addressed in more detail in the coming weeks.

If you have any queries on the matters in this notice please contact and